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    The Best Books I Read in 2021

    2021 wasn’t quite as epic for me in terms of reading as 2020 was, but it came close. I decided to start working through the ten year Great Conversations reading plan, and read everything in year one. I had a big list of biographies to work through, and finished most of them. Topics as varied […]

    Read and Think Podcast: My New Show About Books

    If you had told me even a few months ago that I would be starting a podcast, I probably would have broken a rib laughing. But after a month or so of dabbling and planning, I’m doing just that. I had a weird idea, grabbed a microphone, got over how awkward it is to talk […]

    The Best Books I Read in 2020

    I’ve always been a big reader, and this year was my most productive yet, finishing a total of 101 books during the year of lockdowns. I had several lists of books that were on my goals list this year that I got a good chunk of my reading from, including finishing the biographies of every […]